About Groom-Me by Lisa-Marie

Who is Lisa-Marie

Guten Tag

30 years ago I was born in the small German town of Schwaebisch Hall.

With a desire to see the world and all it has to offer, eights years ago I arrived in Australia with an adventurous spirit and not much else. I fell in love with Melbourne and the people here. Some years later due to a love for dogs Groom-Me came into a humble existence.


During my time here I have been lucky enough to meet amazing people and pooches, some of who have become my good friends and loved ones.


While hard to believe now, at a younger age I wasn’t a big fan of dogs.

My love for dogs only began once I was living in Australia, a neighbour needed a dog sitter and I volunteered. The unconditional love between us that developed as a result of caring for Chi Chi the Maltese was unlike anything I had felt before.


Shortly after caring for Chi Chi I decided to look for a dog that I could call my own. To commit to being a parent of Kilda (also a Maltese) was the scariest and best decision I ever made, despite having brought her from a pet shop (these days I would choose to adopt a rescued dog).


Kilda stole my heart immediately and was a driving force behind the creation of Groom-Me.


Nothing was to good for Kilda, she was regularly groomed and had more toys/collars/leads than she could dream of, but I couldn’t find a groomers that shared my love for my Kilda.

I imagined a dog grooming salon that would be a place that dogs could go to receive the same love and affection that they are accustomed to recieving at home. A stress-free, loving, caring and especially cage-free environment. A place where the groomer loves your dog the same as you do.


‘Groom-me by Lisa-Marie’ was born in April 2013.


I love my furry children more than anything and to be able to share my passion with others is something I am very proud of.


We can’t wait to show you our beautiful salon and make your dog look and feel its best.


“Bis bald und einen schönen Tag”, this is German for “See you soon and have a great day”.

Our Human Team

Our Team Lisa-Marie, Daniele, Hannah and Jessica are fully qualified and a lot of fun. With over 1500 happy customers we can promise you that we love and enjoy our work/job every day. We are glad to be able to work with your doggie and make him/her enjoy Groom-Me as much as we do.

Our Dog Team

Have you met our four legged team at Groom-Me, Kilda, Otto, Roam, Bobbi and Shadow? With this team on duty our furry friend will always be looked after. Our doggy Team can’t wait to meet your pooch. Ready to play?