I am Hannah and I am 26 years old.

I am the second owner at Groom-me.

Originally I am from Queensland and moved to Melbourne for more employment opportunities.

I love animals and feel very strongly about animal activism.

I never grew up with dogs so was a little unsure of them until I started volunteering at the RSPCA.

I obviously fell in love and never looked back!

Dogs are the most beautiful creatures, so loving and giving. I believe they are the purest animal on earth.

I live in an adorable house in St. Kilda just around the corner from the shop. I absolutely love working in the dog grooming industry, I feel so lucky to have found Groom-Me.

Every day is different but super rewarding. This makes coming to work every day special and exciting.

With over five years grooming experience I have mastered the challenges that grooming presents and can’t wait to see what my career has in store for me.

In my free time I love dog minding (please contact Groom-me for further information) and I love walks along the beach, catching up with friends and taking care of my 100 plants.