Bonjour! I’m Héloïse, 23 years old and I come from France. I have studied fashion design and after 3 intense years, I decided to have a break and travel. I am travelling with my partner. We drove from Cairns to Mount Gambier but I think Melbourne is one of our favourite cities. I found Australia has an impressing way of life. In my country, dogs are more agressives and stressed. But here, people are relaxed, kind to others, rarely shout ; dogs just grow up being inspired by our behaviour this is why I think dogs are so different in Australia. This is why I am even more happy to work at Groom-me! Dogs are amazing, they bring so much love and joy in my life. Every day I am super excited to meet new dogs. I can see in their eyes, they can feel I have good intention and that I will take care of them and give them all the love they deserve. During my free time I’m going out with my friends from all around the world, we visit the CBD and surroundings.

I’m doing lots some creatives activities.

A big thanks to Lisa-Marie and Team for giving me a chance.

Lots of love