“Selamat Pagi” to everyone, which is Indonesian for ‘Good Morning’.

“Nama Saya Tiffani” which is Indonesian for ‘My name is Tiffani’. I am originally from beautiful Indonesia, and have been studying the last four years in Australia.

I love Australia very much and I am lucky to be able to call it my new home. I have completed a grooming course at Dog Diversity in Footscray and I am exited to have begun my new Trainee Grooming position at Groom-me in St. Kilda.

I have my own doggy named Ollie, he is a three year old Maltese Shitzu and I love him to bits. When I’m not playing or walking with him I enjoy playing Playstation and boardgames or reading books.

My favorite Indonesian food is “Ce hun tiao’ which is unfortunately only available in my home town of Pontianak.

I’m generally the one with the biggest smile in the room, so if you see me and my big smile at work feel free to give me a wave through the grooming room window and say hello.

I am looking forward for styling your pooch in future.

Sampai Jumpa (See you later)